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Summer Home Staging - 10 tips to be successful

    Now that it is summer, and the market is moving don't let your home be overlooked. Staging your home has become as routine for selling a house as putting the sign in front. So embrace the concept, and get your home SOLD!



Ten Helpful Staging Ideas:

1. First Approach

    Many people pull up to a home to just drive away and never even step inside. We've all done it.

    Make sure you can see your home. Thin out trees, remove shrubs... Make your hose appear larger don't let get dwarfed by overgrowth.

    Make your front Porch Fresh. Paint your door a cheerful high gloss color and add new hardware and kick plates. Power wash the approach and use some elbow grease on those front light fixtures. On the porch lay down some fresh mats and some potted annual flowers to freshen the entrance.

2. UN-Clutter

    Get rid of anything you don't need, box it up and store it. Take away anything that personalizes the house. Home Buyers need to picture themselves in their new home. It may seem daunting, but just take one room at a time. For cluttered bookcases it may be simpler to take everything out and start over.

    Clear out Furniture. Many people line their homes with furniture, and if you do a common rule of thumb is that half of it should go into storage. If you don't use it you don't need it. With less furniture spaces appear larger.

3. Shake IT Up

    Things in your home may have not moved for years on end. Consider moving art and furniture to different spaces throughout your home. Give them new purpose. Your home will appear less stale and fresh.

4. Float Furniture Groups

    Many people have a preconception that furniture is supposed to be pushed up against the perimeter of a room. By drawing the furniture to the center you create cozy conversational spaces that make your rooms appear more expansive and more navigable.


    Nothing is more important than lighting in a space. Take down heavy window coverings leaving airy and gauzy coverings as the alternative. Make sure windows are allowed an influx of light any views are highlighted.

6. Give Rooms New Purpose

    Rooms that you use as storage, an extra bedroom that isn’t used, and niches that are bare can become what stagers like to call fantasy spaces. Give buyers what they want. Present a room as a yoga or meditation space, a family game room, an exercise room, or an art studio. In a stairwell nook add a chair table and lamp to create a reading space. Make the home appear functional and give more purpose making buyers feel like they are getting more.

7. Be Creative with Color

    One of the cheapest and most efficient ways to liven up your home is to paint the inside and out. Don't be afraid to use color. Remember various neutral shades are the safest, yet deep shades will give your powder room and dining room a sense of intimacy. Consider, also, painting an accent wall to draw attention to a fireplace or a lovely display of windows.

   If your to afraid to commit to painting at least liven up your spaces with lively colored accessories.

8. Accessorize.

    A good rule of thumb is to group accessories in odd numbers and most commonly three. for table vignettes imagine a triangle and place objects at each corner. Group objects by color, texture or shape.

  The eye normally reads from Left to Right placing a prominent object at a far right will control the eye's gaze and make the room appear larger, as well.

9. The Fresh Outdoors In

    Nothing makes a home more inviting and fresh than flowers and orchids throughout. However branch clippings and twigs artfully arranged in a vase is a creative alternative.

    Remember with plants to stay seasonal. Since it is summer use bright and cheery colors.

10. Don't Forget the Back

    With so much work put into the curb appeal and the interior it may be easy to overlook the backyard. You see your yard from many rooms of your home and it can’t be disregarded. First of all cleanliness is key especially around areas that the yard may be accessed. Make it appear entertaining and conversational by creating entertaining areas with outdoor furniture. Create an illusion of escapism and make it appear like a resort with lounge chairs and umbrellas.

Now go get that house SOLD!

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