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Working with a Realtor..... Advantages

It has become increasingly common for home buyers and sellers to try and either find a home or sell their home without a Realtor. They feel as though they have a new authority with the aid of the Internet and know just as much as the common Realtor. Is the Real estate agent becoming obsolete...?

    You could say this about nearly every profession currently. People try to become the modern Renaissance man. There is fear within many industries that they will no longer be needed. An architect may be used as a good example. Nearly anyone can design their own home and just pay for an engineer to do the structural and then submit it. There are many intricacies, but the idea is that companies and individuals think they know what is best, but the truth is that they don't have the experience, training, or expertise in the trade. Architecture and many other fields reacquire a talent and ability that not every person possesses.  A Realtor is the same...

    Remember we deal with the real estate market every day every minute, we just may be at an advantage, and that advantage is for you.....

Buying Advantages:

    -  They will be able to get you the best home for the most advantageous price. They know markets and comparables that are up to the minute. Therefore you can make the best offer on a home. You don't want to low ball a home that is already priced to sell, but you can pay for less than asking on a place that is not priced based on market value.

    - An agent has the MLS at his service, granted the listing service is available now on the Internet, but more information is granted to an agent such as days on market, special disclosures, original asking prices, tax background, the homes selling and listing history and much more.  Also, a good agent will know about homes that are coming onto the market that are not listed or know of other unique opportunities.

    - You save time. People's lives are hectic in the modern world. An agent will narrow your home buying focus and present to you what you want and within your price range and help you make the tough decisions.

    - You could be taken advantage of. Let's say you go to an open house and you don't have an agent and you decide to purchase the home and make an offer with the selling agent. The selling agent is looking out for the seller not for you, the buyer.

Selling Advantages:

    -With the market the way it is, sellers want to save money. They think that by cutting Agent fees they will save money. This is typically not the case. A for sale by owner will typically put in too much money and effort into selling their own house and end up losing money instead of saving.

             - A selling agent will get your home more exposure, by communicating with other realator offices, listing your home on the MLS, featuring your home online, and present many other marketing tools.

             - Agents prefer to work with other agents. Many agents will not even show a home to buyers if it is  listed by an owner because they see owners as being to difficult to work with. They will especially not show your home if there is no commission involved.

             - Less Days on the market. With the tools and experience the Realtor has to their disposal they will sell that home faster than any for sale by owner (FSBO) would.

             - Higher selling prices. Many buyers will offer less to FSBOs. They think they are entitled to what agent fees there may have been and offer less.

                  - Agents have a built in client base and will try and first sell the listing to one of thier own buyers.   Also, your agent will only show your home to serious buyers. FSBOs will commonly get people through their home that aren't looking to buy or even looking for decorating tips.


    These are just a few of the reasons you want to consider working with an agent.... In the long run they will save you time and money.... Agents will be happy to help you and make your home buying/ selling process as enjoyable and easy as possible, so don't stress.....

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